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Robin Carnes, MBA, RYT

Robin Carnes, MBA, RYT

In 2005, Robin was hired as a Subject Matter Expert by the Defense Department and Samueli Institute to co-develop a research protocol and serve as lead instructor of the first DOD-funded feasibility study of yoga nidra meditation for PTS symptoms. Since 2006, Robin has served as the yoga and iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation instructor for the Deployment Health Clinical Center’s (DHCC) acute Post Traumatic Stress Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, The Specialized Care Program, at Walter Reed Medical Center. As a member of the SCP’s clinical team, Robin has worked with military families, individuals suffering from Military Sexual Trauma, and with clinical staff struggling with compassion fatigue.

This work sparked a passion for bringing mind/body healing and the military together in a growing number of ways. Robin is a co-founder of Warriors at Ease, Inc., which trains certified yoga and meditation teachers in core competencies required to work safely and effectively in military communities affected by combat-related stress. To date, Warriors at Ease has trained almost 200 yoga and meditation teachers across the country.

Certified iRest InstructorRobin is also a founding member of the Military Mind Body Health Consortium (MMBHC), a multi-stakeholder organization focused on bringing the power of mind body healing to military communities and military healthcare. The MMBHC is currently working with the Samueli Institute and other pioneers in the field to find innovative ways to translate mind-body research into programming.

Robin is well recognized as a pioneer and innovator in her field, and has been written about in the Washington Post, Woman’s Day Magazine, Yoga Journal, and Defense.gov. She has presented at numerous military healthcare conferences. Her work is featured in Amy Weintraub’s book, Yoga Skills for Therapists (Norton 2012), and the award-winning documentary film, Escape Fire: Rescuing America’s Healthcare System.

Robin started her career as a management consultant and trainer to companies including AT&T, Discovery Channel, and Staples for over a decade. She left the corporate world in 1995. Her book, Sacred Circles: A Guide to Creating Your Own Women’s Spirituality Group was published by Harper San Francisco in 1998. Robin pursued her lifelong interest in mind/body healing and went on to be certified as an iRest® yoga nidra meditation instructor, and a yoga teacher. For 10 years, Robin launched and managed successful volunteer program at a women’s shelter in Washington DC. She has produced three meditation CDs which have helped thousands of people destress. www.yoganidranow.com.

Robin graduated summa cum laude from Keene State College in 1983. In 1985, she attended Harvard Divinity School. For three years she matriculated in the joint Masters in Social Work/Masters in Business Administration program at Boston College. She graduated with honors in 1988 from Boston College Graduate School of Management with an MBA. She is a certified yoga instructor and a certified iRest® yoga nidra instructor.


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